Children with ASD, ADHD, behavioral, motor, attentional, speech/language, and/or sensory integration difficulties need all the help and support they can get. This has been the core of our services here at ABA Group Practice Plus.

Our teams of professional therapists are experts in different fields, working together to offer clients integrative and comprehensive treatment services that range from assessment to ABA to Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy.

​Applied Behavioral Analysis, ABA

As one of our core expertise and specialty here at ABA Group Practice Plus, Applied Behavioral Analysis is a form of therapy which is based on the science of learning and behavior.

ABA is basically the science of how behavior works, how this is affected by the environment, and how learning takes place. Applying our understanding of behavior to real-life situations with ABA helps us increase desirable behaviors while we’re also able to decrease harmful ones. That may affect learning.

Generally, ABA can help to:

  • Improve language and communication skills;

  • Improve memory, focus, and social skills; and

  • Reduce harmful behaviors. 

How ABA Therapy works

ABA is a very flexible treatment option for a wide range of behaviors and conditions.

Our practice here at ABA Group Practice Plus involves a variety of clinically-proven techniques that are effective in understanding and changing certain behaviors. Here are some key things to know about how our ABA Therapy services work:

  • ABA helps to teach useful skills for everyday life;

  • ABA Therapy can be adapted to meet individual needs;

  • Services can be provided virtually anywhere, home, school, etc.  

Positive reinforcement as a strategy for ABA

Here at ABA Group Practice Plus, we value the effectiveness of positive reinforcement as a strategy for ABA Therapy success. Just like everyone else, people with behavioral challenges tend to repeat a behavior if they are rewarded for exhibiting such behaviors. And over time, this may trigger a largely positive behavior change.

In this case, our therapist identifies a behavior or skill that needs to be reinforced in the client. The individual gets a reward whenever they exhibit such behaviors. The reward can range from things like praise, toy, book, more playtime, watching a video, etc.

The end goal of positive reinforcement is to trigger meaningful behavior change by encouraging individuals to continue exhibiting the skills or behaviors being rewarded.

​ABA Group Practice Plus

We are always open to helping individuals with social or behavioral challenges, whether or not they have a diagnosis. In most cases, the earlier these individuals get the help they need, the better. We pride ourselves in the expertise and experience of our ever-dedicated professionals, as well as in the effectiveness of our tested and proven techniques.

At ABA Group Practice Plus, our approach to treatment is quite comprehensive and integrative in that it incorporates the needs of both the clients and their families from birth through to adulthood. We’ll be willing to help in our own way. Want to see how we can help? Click here to learn more!

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