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Autism may not have a cure, but certain therapies may go a long way to help people reduce their symptoms and improve their abilities. Experts advise that individuals with autism be placed on behavioral therapy as early as possible, even before diagnosis. This makes sense since getting a formal diagnosis often takes time.

The thing with autism is that every child has their unique symptoms and abilities. 

What seems to be working for one might seem ineffective for the other. That said, some of the most popular and effective therapies for children with autism include;

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA);
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Speech Therapy; and
  • Social Skills Class;

Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis employs a positive reinforcement strategy to help kids with ASD reinforce positive behaviors and learn new skills. This type of behavior therapy involves the use of rewards to encourage positive desirable behaviors while also reducing undesirable ones.

This is also a core part of our strategy here at ABA Group Practice Plus. Our professionals are able to give the child moment-by-moment feedback, and this treatment plan is flexible enough to be personalized to meet individual client needs.

It is believed that children with ASD who are able to get early intensive ABA therapy are often able to see lasting and significant results.

Occupational Therapy, OT

ABA Group Practice Plus also has experienced professionals who are experts in the field of Occupational Therapy. This is important since Occupational Therapy can be very effective in helping autistic children learn useful everyday skills.

These skills can range from learning how to button a shirt properly to how to handle a fork and similar things. It may also work for activities related to school or play, and like ABA, OT is flexible enough to be personalized on an individual child’s needs and goals.

Speech Therapy

Many children with autism often have difficulties with communication and interaction. Speech Therapy is aimed at overcoming this important challenge. The therapy may involve both verbal and non-verbal skills. Non-verbal skills such as making eye contact, understanding gestures, and even taking turns participating in a conversation.

Speech therapy is also an important behavior therapy we value at ABA Group Practice Plus. Often, our strategy may also involve helping these kids express themselves using other non-conventional methods such as sign language, pictures, and symbols, computers, etc.

Social Skills Class​

Social Skills Class is basically about helping the kids learn through one on one instruction. This can be done at school, at home, or elsewhere. This behavior therapy focuses on helping children interact socially with others. This can involve learning through practice or role-playing. Social Skills Classes are most times, led by a professional Child Therapist.

Bottom Line

​​All of these forms of behavior therapy form the core component of our treatment strategy here at ABA Group Practice Plus. The key, in most cases, is to personalize the treatment to meet the unique needs of the individual children. These therapies should also incorporate teacher, family, and parent training as needed to ensure lasting and effective results.

ABA Group Practice Plus is dedicated to helping children with ASD, ADHD, behavioral, motor, attentional, speech/language, and/or sensory integration difficulties, etc. Want to see how we can help? Click here to learn more!

Best Behavior Therapy for Children with Autism