ABA Group Practice Plus

We are a group practice that was established in 1995.  ABA Group Practice Plus is committed to serving the needs of our clients to improve their lives.  We address the needs of individuals who have or do not have a diagnosis.  Specifically, we work with clients who have ASD, ADHD, behavioral, motor, attentional, speech/language and/or sensory integration difficulties.

Our close-knit team of therapists work together to coordinate the various  interventions we offer.  We believe in an integrative approach – “one stop”  and provide comprehensive services that include assessment,  ABA , Speech/Language, and Occupational Therapy, as well as social skills groups.  In addition, we can provide music, art, dance/movement and animal therapies.  

We strive to provide the best, most up-to- date clinical techniques that support the whole family and serve clients from birth through adulthood.  We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and we speak a host of languages including English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, & Polish.